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Massive security alert over Android 'Fake ID' bug as experts warn personal and financial details of millions of users have been at risk for four YEARS

Malware can impersonate other apps in order to gain access to secure areas of your phone Vulnerability dates back to the January 2010 release of ...

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Could your iPhone replace your wallet? Apple developing iWallet app that could act as a credit card

Believed Visa has already signed up to service Expected to use customer's fingerprint  for security Apple is preparing to launch an...

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Turning your hand into a WATCH: £70 wristband beams the time, tweets and texts on to your fist

The watch was designed by Ukrainian-based Michael Medvid Its projector beams notifications and the time onto the wearer’s hand Notificati...

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Has Apple's iPad bubble burst? Tablet sales slump by 9% - but 'surprising' demand in China boosts iPhone and Mac profits

Apple sales were $37.4 billion (£21.9 billion) in third quarter ending June Figure fell short of analyst expectations of about $38 billion ...

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GCHQ and NSA 'track Google cookies'

Documents published by the Washington Post refer to the NSA and GCHQ's use of "GooglePrefIDs" - files containing a numeric cod...