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Smart Solutions


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Google helps build 'Faster' cable under Pacific Ocean

Google and five other large companies are teaming up to build a cable under the Pacific Ocean that will deliver incredibly fast internet speeds. Th...

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Ask.fm bought by Tinder and Ask.com owner

The controversial social network Ask.fm has been bought by the owners of Tinder and Ask.com for an undisclosed fee. The site, where members ans...

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Browsing speeds may slow as net hardware bug bites

Browsing speeds could slow over the next week as old hardware is upgraded to handle the net's growth, says networking giant Cisco. Some older k...

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Samsung reveals Galaxy Alpha metal-framed smartphone

Samsung has announced a new smartphone with a metal frame that is smaller and thinner than its flagship model. The South Korean company describes t...

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Reversible USB cable design finished

The design for the new reversible USB interface - the standardised connection for data transfers between electronic devices - has been finished. It...