Facebook blocks insurer discount plan

Facebook has blocked plans by an insurer to view young drivers' profiles to set their car insurance premiums.
In a planned trial, insurer Admiral wanted new motorists' permission to look at their posts and likes to jud...

File-sharing 'mastermind' arrested in Poland

US authorities have charged a Ukrainian man alleged to be the mastermind of the world's biggest online piracy website.

Artem Vaulin, who is said to be the owner of the file-sharing site Kickass Torrents (KAT), is accused of money laundering and inf...


Techcom Visions Limited, the leading Technology company in Ghana, wins an award from Microsoft during the Training section for Microsoft licensing including Azure and 365 (cloud service). Over 15 companies including Techcom Visi...

New York blogger reveals parking ticket errors

A blogger in New York has used public data to prove that the New York Police Department (NYPD) ticketed thousands of cars that were actually parked legally.


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